Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Elijah

Today (Wed., February 25) is Elijah's 2nd birthday. Elijah is the son of two of our best friends, Gary and Vasiliki. Elijah was diagnosed late last year with Medulloblastoma and is currently undergoing chemotherapy at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. Prior to his diagnosis, Elijah and Gary spent Saturday nights at our house watching Long Way Down and eating pizza. Gary and I had been planning a motorcycle trip to England, Ireland, and Scotland when they received Elijah's diagnosis. My thoughts and prayers are constantly with the Seritts and my hope is that Elijah will soon be well enough to tag along when Gary and I put as much of the British Isles under two wheels as we can in a two-week trip.

Donation Total Thus Far: $162.00
Thanks to Gary Hetzel for his contribution.

If you are donating in memory of someone, we will accept photographs for the Memorial Montage that will conclude this year's Relay on the Ridge. Photos can be emailed to:

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